Why Get MBA?

After researching Accredited Online MBA Programs and attending online classes for several years, I have discovered that most online education websites lack human interaction and feedback. With so many online colleges vying for our attention, I thought it would be great to have a place to share our personal experiences.

Selecting the right Online MBA Program is not always easy… and it is even harder when you are an adult student with tons of responsibilities. Hopefully, this site will make the task of finding the perfect Accredited Online MBA Program a little easier.

In the modern business world, mba advantages may very well give you the edge you need to get that corner office you have always wanted. But for many busy professionals, attaining an Master of Business Administration degree seems just too far out of reach given their current job and family responsibilities. If you are in this position, you are certainly not alone.


An accredited online MBA program can allow you to achieve your academic goals without sacrificing your quality of life. If you are in the market for an Online MBA Program, here are a few things you should consider:

Accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) Tuition

Like any other goal worth pursuing, earning an MBA degree is not cheap, but it is certainly doable with financial aid, loans, grants, and in-state tuition (or special eTuition rates). When comparing Online MBA programs, the cost of the program is typically one of the most important factors for prospective applicants. Questions you should ask are: What will you receive in return for your money? Prestige? Quality? Unique coursework not offered elsewhere? An accelerated pace or flexible scheduling? Is the program AACSB or IACBE accredited? Does that matter to you?

Bottom line, cost is an important factor, but it is not the only factor when comparing Online MBA Programs.

Online MBA Accreditation

A lesser known, but very important consideration in an accredited online MBA program is accreditation. Schools are rated by councils and organizations called accreditors. They rate how well the school performs by enforcing standards of education and excellence. In addition to regional accreditation, many Online MBA Programs go a step farther and attain accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) or International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) Accreditation.

Online MBA Degree Program Semesters and Scheduling

Having an MBA may well be one of the best business career moves you will ever make, but you still have to pay the bills while you’re in school. Some institutions have entire MBA programs online, but a few schools may require some classroom attendance. So, be sure to carefully examine any residency requirements (if applicable) to ensure that classes will not conflict with your current responsibilities.

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