What Paypal account services do I need from you?

We offer three types of Paypal accounts: Basic Paypal Personal Account, Paypal Verified Personal Account, and Paypal Verified Business Account.

If you plan on actively selling products or services and would like to collect Paypal payments, you should purchase a Paypal verified business account.

All of our Paypal accounts will be custom made for you. We will use matching static IP, US bank account, US VCC, and matching phone number to set up your new Paypal account.


If you are going to use your Paypal account, you should also maintain basic services, such as IP, a link and confirmed US bank account, a link and confirmed VCC, and a working US phone number. You can select “Use 3rd-party Extra Services” option when you order a new Paypal account. You can also buy all or some of these Paypal Account Management Add-ons separately.

When you start receiving Paypal payments, and need assitance in funds transfer, communications with Paypal regarding payments or any issue, or need additional services such as Paypal phone verification, etc., we can definitely help you. We offer you our quality service at fair prices. You can pay us on a per insitance basis, or purchase a monthly Paypal Account Management Service plan that will cover unlimited amount of Paypal account support and management service to you. Our Monthly Paypal account management service plan costs only $150 per one Paypal account, and $50 each additional Paypal account.

After you receive Paypal payments for your goods and / or services, we can help you cash out your Paypal balance and forward your money to you by Paypal, Skrill, Wire transfer, Western Union, Bitcoin, and Webmoney etc. CheckĀ Paypal Fee Calculator today.

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