Safety4mykids Review Stroller

Safety4mykids Review Stroller is also a convertible system that can transport up to three toddlers without expanding its width. This stroller includes all the features included in the CRUZ, but also adds a few innovative solutions of its own. The full-size rear-facing and front toddler seat makes sure that the baby can ride in any position that is comfortable to him and the parent. The stroller also includes a bassinet with sunshade to make naps-on-the-go much comfortable for the baby.


Safety4mykids Review Stroller

The G-LUXE baby stroller is a lightweight umbrella stroller that can also double up as a nap stroller and car stroller. It comes with an adjustable footrest to make the baby feel extremely comfortable and sleep easily on the recliner seat, which is also adjustable with just one hand actuation capability. The seat pad used in this stroller is made up of stain and water-resistant fabric, and can be easily removed for washing purposes.

All of their products are manufactured to meet or exceed the stringent industry standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA). As a company, they are striving continuously to deliver on the expectations and standards parents demand. Having real life experiences of their own as parents, they know exactly what many parents expect in the baby products they want: safety, performance and style. Hence, they are always raising the bar that other baby products companies have to strive for.

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