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With the kind of climate that we have here in Tulsa, garage insulation is almost a must to any garage owner.

Whether it’s worth it or not will have to depend on your current situation and on how and how much you use your garage but a well insulated garage can definitely be a life saver specially if you frequent your garage or stay there for long hours.

Top Garage Insulation Options

Fiberglass Insulation – If budget and ease of installation is your top concern. You will probably have to go with fiberglass insulation option as it’s cost efficient and quite easy to install. You can buy fiberglass insulation in batts that fit easily between ceiling and wall joists. Do note though that fiberglass can cause major irritants or allergies to most so it’s important to select one is made or wrapped with “low-itch” fibers.

Cellulose Insulation – If you want to use a more earth-friendly material, cellulose insulation is your bet as it is made up of recycled newspapers that are treated with fire-retardant. To install this, you will need a blowing machine to blow it off your garage ceiling and walls. This is also the best option if you’re want to insulate already sealed walls because all you have to do is cut a hole enough to accommodate the blowing host to blow this insulation and cover the entire space.

Spray Foam – Spray foams are usually used to fill gaps and cracks on windows, doors, and anything else that needs to be sealed inside a home. Some garage owners or builders also use it to insulate garages.

Rigid Foam – Rigid foam is best used in insulating garage and basement floors as well as basement walls.

In choosing the best insulation for your garage, one isn’t necessarily better than the other but it does boil down to your specific need and situation. Sometimes the determining factor maybe your budget, sometimes it depends on your material preference. If you’re paying for a garage package, your garage builder may have his own preference but to be sure that you’ll get your preferred insulation material, you can always discuss it with your garage guy.

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