Japanese dog breeds List

Dog breeding in Japan has antiquated roots, and in reality has been rehearsed for a great many years. In that time, six unmistakable breeds of Japanese dogs have been painstakingly reared and refined for virtue, magnificence, and other attractive qualities. These six unique Japanese dog breeds incorporate the Japanese Akita, Shiba, Shikoku, Kai Ken, Kishu, and Hokkaido. The Tosa is another notable Japanese dog breed, despite the fact that it isn’t viewed as one of the first six.

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Of the considerable number of breeds, it is the Akita Japanese dog breeders are known for the majority of all. In fact, it is known as the Akita Inu, and is once in a while viewed as isolated from the American Akita. The Akita is an expansive dog with thick hide and an assortment of hues. It is known for being incredibly faithful, kind, and lively. Akitas make great family pets and do well with youngsters, in spite of the fact that they do require a lot of time outside.


Where the Japanese Akita is the biggest of every single Japanese dog, the Shiba (or Shiba Inu) is the littlest). The two its hide and its body share similar characteristics: short and thick. Reproduced for chasing, Shibas must be kept on chains or they may attempt and pursue something and flee. Their dispositions are sure, shrewd, and somewhat free. They ought to be mingled youthful so they don’t turn out to be excessively insubordinate. They are likewise extremely faithful to their proprietors.


The Shikoku is, measure insightful, somewhere between the Japanese Akita and Shiba (the biggest and littlest Japanese dog breeds, separately). Its hide is likewise of medium length. Very dynamic, lithe, intense, and fiery, Shikokus are known as great dogs for outside devotees and the daring. They are more respectful than a portion of different breeds and have a notoriety for learning things rapidly.

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken (some of the time just called the Kai) is an extremely uncommon breed, even in Japan, and is thought by some to be the most perfect and most seasoned of all the most established Japanese dog breeds. Truth be told, the breed is viewed as a national landmark for Japan. It is a medium-sized dog with harsh, medium length hide and a dim shaded dark or profound rosy coat. The Kai Ken is known for being amicable, daring, wise, and caution. They are exceptionally faithful to their proprietors, and furthermore have a past filled with chasing, which makes them great gatekeeper dogs.


Like, yet more seasoned than, both the Shibu and the Akita, the Kishu is a standout amongst the most lovely and clever breeds of conventional Japanese dogs. Kishus have thick, short, white hide and are medium in construct and strong in stature. Fearless, solid, and nimble, the Kishu is known as a decent chasing dog. They are faithful to families and are instinctually attracted to one individual or one family once they realize who their proprietors are.



With its two coats (one short, one long) of thick hide, the Hokkaido is a special and valued breed among Japanese dogs. The twofold coat likewise makes it entirely good with virus atmospheres. A characteristic seeker, the Hokkaido can fend off bears and will be defensive of its proprietors. It does well with kids as long as it is presented to them while it is a little dog.

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