eVendor SEO company Australia

Our agency is specialized in effective SEO for small and medium sized SEO businesses. We can get your company ranked so your clients can find you!

Search is right at the center of how individuals and businesses experience the net. What occurs in search shapes the remainder of the way the Internet (and the economy) works – it is becoming the lynchpin of our day-to-day lives, and pulse of our society.

At root, search done well is entirely altruistic – a straight forward service which succeeds or fails based on how it benefits individuals in the real world. Search is the ultimate proving ground for the quality and merits of businesses. It is set up so that the good guys win and the bad guys are driven away.

It’s our honour to play a part in the progress of search, specifically by helping deserving brands reach search dominance. EM works entirely with “good guys,” and we assist them to win, every time.

eVendor SEO company Australia

Companies offering search engine optimisation, are no more a rarity – most small and medium businesses receive regular calls from companies offering to ‘get them all to the very first page of Google’. Yet in a competitive market more and more businesses have been turning to EM, so what is that makes us any different from your typical SEO firm? Here are 3 key points of difference:

1. Keyword research Analysis – many businesses love number one positions for particular keywords but get zero customers from them. Why? Because their target market don’t search for these phrases, or when they do, they’re trying to find different things. SEO campaigns start with extensive keyword research analysis so that we can achieve amazing search rankings that lead to revenue and customers within a short period of time.

2. Staying ahead of others – how has your Search Engine Optimization business changed the scheme since Google’s Panda and Penguin latest updates? What’s their content strategy? How are they using microformats snippets? Google starts regular upgrades and is changing faster than ever before – this brings with it risks and opportunities – opportunities in case your search engine optimisation business is in front of the game. If not, you risk falling off the cliff of SEO rankings.

3. Education to develop a partnership – A partnership with an SEO company should feel as though they’re a natural extension of your company. Apart from reporting, regular communication and evaluation we hold regular workshops for our customers. These workshops are an chance for you to have more knowledge to our service and, more significantly, to discover what you are able to do in order to help the campaign progress and additional online advertising strategies that you will learn and use in the future.


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