Double Din Touch Screen Review

The Pioneer AVIC-X920bt In-Dash Double Din carinmydna Navigation A/V Receiver with DVD Playback, Built-in Bluetooth and Widescreen display boasts a 6.1-inch LCD touch-screen, with AM/FM radio, dvd, dvd-r/rw, dvd+r/rw, cd,cd-r/rw, mp3/wma/aac/DivX receiver, Ipod/Iphone, and MP3 compatibility. It also features a built-in blue tooth with voice command, and a navigation system with voice activated navigation.


Appearance and Interface

The AVIC X920BT is a great-looking unit. It’s got a slide-touch WVGA colour screen that can slide, flip and rotate names/items to go into further subcategories and reveal more choices. The interface is supporter by a 3D graphics accelerator, which gives it an awesome look, particularly with the iPod interface.

The interface has a good button layout, which respond easily, so you don’t have to pound away at the screen. You can also customize the screens with the icons you use most frequently.

Another pro about the interface is that it’s not programmed to time-out and revert back to the home screen if you’re scrolling or searching and take too long to make a choice, which of course can happen a lot while driving. It’s a small thing, but a lot of other units time-out after a minute or so and make you start your search all over again, which can be frustrating.

Sound Quality and Bluetooth

The unit comes with a built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier for great sound quality and minimal distortion. Like all Pioneer products, the audio quality for both music and DVDs is excellent, and stays clear even when you really crank the volume.

The bluetooth system is totally hands-free. You can mount the mic wherever you like, and the voice quality is strong and clear. The system even allows you to search for contacts with voice recognition, just by saying their name. So you can browse your contact list and dial calls without touching the screen at all. Pretty cool.

MusicSphere and iPod/iPhone Connectivity

This Pioneer AVIC-X920BT comes with the new MusicSphere feature, which can analyze the music in your iPod or iPhone and organize it into 40 ‘mood’ folders, like ‘Calm’ or ‘Edgy’. You can also create a ‘DJ playlist’ with MusicSphere that allows you to make a list of up to 100 songs, and the chose your own transition settings for blending them.

The 3D interface for is awesome for this feature–it really is a sphere that you can whip through to select a folder or song. It’s one of those features that you don’t really need, but need isn’t why you by this unit–it’s for the ‘wow’ factor.

Once you connect your iPod or iPhone, you can browse by artist, song, album, or even album art! There’s also excellent video and audio quality for DVD playback. The one thing to keep in mind is that you have to buy a adapter cable if you’re going to use your iPod or iPhone (no one tells you that).


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